CPU module

CPU module BIN 4010

The CPU module BIN4010 has been created for use in ArdoPLC family appliances. Nothing prevents it from being used in other applications. The base of the module is an AT mega 128A processor. The processor has 128Kbytes Flash, 4Kbytes SRAM and 4Kbytes of EEPROM memory. The module is fitted with a DS3231 RTC circuit whose backup is provided by a CR2032-sized lithium battery. The battery is kept in a case for possible replacement. The module is populated with external EEP memory AT24C64.

The BIN 4010  module is ready for expansion with, for example, the BDI 5010 display module, the BKE 6010 keyboard module or the BBA 1010 input board module. We intend to extend this list of modules into the future with additional extension modules.

The module is based on the ARDUINO platform. Its programming is possible in the ARDUINO IDE programming environment. The program can be loaded using the ICSP (X3) connector, or the serial line on the X6 connector. Since manufacturing, the module contains a serial bootloader.

modul BIN4010 modul BIN4010

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