Base module

Base module BBA 1010

The module connects the controller CPU to the surrounding HW. Adjusts input and output signals for individual I/O ports.

This particular module contains clips for connecting :


modul BBA1010
  • 8x digital input (active at +24V)
  • 4x analog input (range 0 – 10V)
  • 10x digital output (open collector switching to GND)
  • 2x PWM digital output (open collector switching to GND)
  • 2x analog output (range 0 – 10V)
  • 2x line to connect DALLAS thermometers
  • 1x IIC line
  • 1x serial line RS232 TTL
  • 1x RS485 Serial Line
  • terminals for DC 24V input power connection
  • DC 24V and DC 10V auxiliary output voltage terminals
  • 1x connector to connect to SPI CPU line

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