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Why and how did these sites come into existence? Initially, the new Universal Control Unit was implemented. We predominantly use Freescale processors in our applications. We decided to use Atmel’s processors. One of the reasons for this decision was its massive expansion thanks to the ARDUINO platform. So we thought why not enrich our work about this group of users as well. Gradually, we will seek to expand our products coming out of this platform not only to our own but, I hope, to your satisfaction. We will therefore appreciate any response, positive or negative, to improving the quality of our products.

All products listed here can be purchased from our store. There are not only our products on offer, but also those of other manufacturers that we assume may be useful to you for your projects and execution. Once again, you can tell us what to make even better in our store to your complete satisfaction.

That’s about it to begin with. For all of our collective, I wish you every success in implementing your projects.

Website Administrator Pavel Böhm